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Here are some major questions that our customers ask us regarding charter bus services. If you have any additional questions, please contact us.

1) How do you book a charter with Trolley Tours, Inc.?
You can fill out our online form by going to the contact us page on this site. You can also give us a call at our office at 800.468.0446.

2) What forms of payment Trolley Tours, Inc., accept? When is payment due?

Trolley Tours, Inc., accepts checks, money orders/ cash, wire transfers and major credit cards. Trolley Tours, Inc., requires a deposit for every trip booked. This holds and secures the bus for that booked date. The deposit is due within 30 days of booking trip - unless date of trip is sooner. Certain circumstances will require Payment in Full immediately , such as - when the booking and departure dates are very close, and time is a factor. Most final payments are due 21- 30 days before trip is set to depart. ( **Depending on type of charter/ package trip ) All trips must be paid in full before trip date. Most deposits are refundable if cancelled 30 days prior to trip departure.

3) What forms of identification do I need if our trip goes across USA borders?
For US Citizens, you are required to bring a photo I.D. and a passport is highly recommended ( or US Birth Certificate or Naturalization Certificate) for re-entry into US. Any parents traveling with children are encouraged to carry birth certificates. For Non US Citizens, a passport, 1-94 card or resident alien card is required. Due to high security alerts, additional paperwork may be required and is left to the clients responsibility to find out about this through their local embassy.

4) Does the bus have a restroom?
All coaches have a restroom.

5) Do we operate rain or shine?
Trolley Tours, Inc. will operate a tour rain or shine.

6) What is the normal drivers' gratuities/ tip?
This varies depending on the charter or package.

7) Are tolls, parking and other fees included in your rate?
The charter rate does not reflect any extra fees such as parking, international tolls, permits, etc. However, extra charges do occur frequently on certain trips and will be added on as a separate item and shold be discussed and outlined by your salesperson. Please communicate with your sales representative if any questions/ concerns about additional fees.

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9/11 Memorial (Day Trip)

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Brodway Shows (Day Trip)

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Washington DC (Overnight Trip)

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Statue of Liberty (Day Trip)

Are you a group leader or want to organize and trip.

Maybe go to a ballgame or a historical place? Reach your goals with Trolley Tours, Inc., we have plenty of organized destinations, 

call 800.468.0446 or email Travel@TrolleyToursInc.com. Top Four Reasons To Choose Trolley Tours, Inc. When Booking Your Travel.

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Reason #1

Because we’re a local company, serving your community for over 20 years and we have the newest fleet of luxury motor coaches!

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Because our knowledgeable and friendly sales staff are always personally accessible to you at our Forked River offices! (Not just a website or voice on the phone from across the country!)

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Because our unique and comprehensive packages are competitively priced and customized to your exacting needs and budget!

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Because our drivers are safe, courteous and reliable and we consistently promote only quality tour and travel products.

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